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Navigating personal relationships and coping with behaviors and emotions can be challenging.


We offer the following counseling services to help you achieve your hopes and dreams and live a successful life:

-Emotional management

  • Depression 

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

-Relationship management 

-Behavior management


-Coping post trauma

-Goal setting and achievement 

-Navigating the mental health system

-Crisis management 




Concierge Services are available for those who desire a higher level of service and discretion. These services include all of the above plus:

  • In home sessions and visits

  • 24 hour on call crisis intervention 

  • After hours sessions in home or office 


This enhanced level of service requires an annual membership fee in addition to the regular fee schedule. 


The safety, security and success of your business is our common goal.


To that end we offer assistance and training in the following areas:


Business and Industry

-Site and event security planning and assessment 

-Active shooter training and awareness

-How to effectively handle difficult people for  management, sales and marketing

-How to negotiate and close the deal 

-Stress management and mental health awareness

-How to be an effective speaker and presenter

-Employee motivation

-Communicating and achieving your vision, goals  and objectives 

-Counseling services for your employee assistance  program


Criminal Justice Specific

-Policies and procedures for jail and patrol

-Expert witness for mental health and behavior 

-Mitigation analysis

-Mental health officer program planning and  implementation

-Navigating the mental health system

-De-Escalation skills 

-Mental health awareness and how to handle the    EDP

-Mental illness in jails

-Crisis negotiation

-Stress management for first responders

-Coping post-trauma


We are always ready to help your organization through custom training and crisis specific intervention. 


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