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The Dance of Anger is an incredible resource for women.

An especially insightful read for single fathers of daughters.

John Rosemond can take some of the sting out of parenting a teen.

The “go to” resource for mental health diagnosis.

William Glasser enforces our right to own our emotions.

Learn how teens are being trained to kill.

Brain disease is more common than you think.

Gratitude is the best attitude.

A wonderful explanation of co-dependent relationships


Highland Health Systems: 256-236-3403


Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office: 256-236-6600

Jacksonville Police: 256-435-6448


Jacksonville University Police: 256-782-5050


Piedmont Police:


Weaver Police: 256-820-0530


Oxford Police: 256-831-3121


Ohatchee Police: 256-892-3156

Department of Human Resources:


Area Agency on Aging for East Alabama:


Calhoun County Department of Public Health:

Bradford Health Services 866-977-7158


Agency for Substance Abuse 256-831-4436


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)

A comprehensive depression and suicide resource guide:

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