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Crisis Intervention

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Throughout my three careers; corporate accounting, law enforcement, and counseling, there has been one common theme; Crisis. 


Crisis causes change. Whether we bring it on ourselves or it is thrust upon us, crisis creates the crucible from within which change is born.  Without crisis, motivation is weak and success more of an ideal than a goal. 


You may be having a crisis right now.


In business your sales force may be struggling with closing the deal or customer service may be losing customers. 


In your personal life you may be struggling with a relationship, or as a parent, or with your own choices and behavior. 


You are in the best place for change.  I can help!


I am a behaviorist, and I believe that we are a product of both nature and nurture. We inherit traits and disease. Our behaviors are a function of what we are born with and the environments we live in. The choices we make, whether they be rational and informed or just on instinct, are all tied to how we navigate both our genetics and our world. 


If you are tired of the way things are and are willing to put forth the effort to make a change, if you are not trapped in a victim mentality and if you don’t procrastinate, then I can help you through your crisis.  Be it business or personal, together, we will not only define success but live it. 


- Chief Deputy (Ret), Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

- Mental Health Officer, Calhoun County

- Crisis Negotiator, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office 

- Jail Administrator, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

- Deputy Sheriff, Calhoun County 

- Member of the Alabama Incident Command Team

- Civil Air Patrol: Operation Deep Water Horizon

- Public speaker, presenter and trainer:

  • National Sheriff’s Association

  • Alabama Sheriff’s Association

  • Alabama Probate Judges Conference

  • Association of County Commissions of Alabama

  • National Institute of Jail Operations

  • Alabama Jail Training Academy

  • Alabama Law Enforcement Academies

  • Alabama Attorney General’s Conference

  • Alabama Magistrates Conference

  • Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce

  • Out of the Shadows Conference, Active Threat for Civilians at Jacksonville State University

  • Active Shooter (Run, Hide, Fight) for Civilians, Businesses and Churches

  • The Parent Project


- Counselor for The Linc Program

- Chief Financial Officer for the McWane Center and      the Lee Brass Company

- Cost Accountant Phelps Dodge Cable & Wire              Company


  • BS: Accounting / Finance, Nasson College Springvale Maine

  • MS: Counseling, Jacksonville State University Jacksonville Alabama

  • Ed.S. Counseling, Jacksonville State University Jacksonville Alabama

  • FBI National Academy Session 263

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Alabama

  • Nationally Certified Counselor

  • Clinically Certified Juvenile Treatment Specialist

  • Certified Jail Manager

  • Certified Homeland Security Protection Professional

  • Certified Court Security Operations Specialist

  • Certified Hostage Negotiator

  • Certified Management Accountant (non-current)

  • A.P.O.S.T. Certified Peace Officer

  • Mental Health Crisis Intervention Specialist

  • Squadron Leadership School (Civil Air Patrol)

  • Air University – Civil Air Patrol Officer

  • Consulting Services

    • Handling Difficult People​

    • Policy and Procedure Assessment

    • Expert Witness and Mitigation

    • Active Shooter Orientation

    • Employee Motivation

    • Negotiation Skills

  • Counseling Services

    • Relationship Skills​

    • Parenting Skills

    • Behavioral Change

    • Emotional Management

    • Goal Setting

    • Lifeskills

  • Custom Training Classes and Seminars

  • Crisis Specific Intervention

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If you have questions, please contact me.

For Counseling appointments, please go to the Appointment Tab.  All others, please contact me HERE or by phone or email.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm

After hours appointments are

available upon request.




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